Apple Keyboard unboxing

So my 3 Apple Keyboards arrived today. These are small keyboards. Put one next to a laptop, and it looks small. Put it next to a full-size keyboard, and it looks tiny.

Each keyboard comes in a box 8.5cm by 32cm by 13.5cm. I ordered three of these, and their three boxes came inside another box. This other box was 31cm by 32cm by 56cm. So the keyboards took up 7% of the space inside this enormous box.

Or, alternatively, I could have ordered 30 keyboards and have them arrive in the same box.

How did they not rattle about? The rest of the box was filled with a paper snake, like the ones you see Chinese people dancing about in during Jackie Chan movies. To be precise, one 1080cm by 76cm sheet of brown paper, scrunched into a tube, and then bent back on itself many times to fit inside the box. I pulled out so much paper that I feared the box wouldn't actually contain my keyboards.

To get an idea of the size of this paper snake, imagine you pull your arm out of your sleeve and let the sleeve hang like Nelson (the Vice-Admiral, not the Simpsons character). Then stuff your sleeve with paper, so it's as full as if it still contained a rather chubby arm. Then extend your sleeve and arm until they're eleven meters long. That's the length of six men standing on each other's heads. That's long enough to reach to the bottom of an olympic diving pool and back to the surface again. That's about the length of a whale penis.

By anyone's standards, that's pretty big.