Fuck Sony

So the only reason I use my PS3 any more is for Netflix. It sucks hard when it comes to anything else. It's a crap DVD player compared to the 360, cross-platform games are usually better on the 360, the platform exclusives are usually more interesting on the 360, and the PS3 doesn't even work as reliably with my Harmony remote as the 360 does.

And that's ignoring the PS3's UI shitfest.

There's nothing wrong with the 360's Netflix player (though it does tend to lag behind the PS3's because it's beholden to Microsoft's slow OS update schedule rather than downloading each time you start it). I use the PS3 for Netflix because I resent paying Microsoft $60/year protection money for Netflix on the Xbox 360.

The flaw in my logic is that paying Microsoft's protection money only upsets me one day each year. Using the PS3 upsets me every single night.

If I'm not being forced to install some stupid update that benefits Sony but not me, I'm being forced to fail to log in twice to their broken online gaming network so I can use Netflix, the only thing on the PS3 that doesn't suck.

Tonight, I'm told my password is no longer valid. (A not unreasonable thing to declare when your broken online gaming network has just lost millions of your users' passwords and credit card numbers.) I'm told that a link has been mailed to my email address. I wait for it to arrive, click it, and get:

Site Maintenance Notice

The server is currently down for maintenance.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.




So now my PS3 is completely useless. I've no idea when they'll fix this, but if it's anything like as fast as they fixed their last network problem, I've got about 30 days to wait.

Typical fucking Sony bullshit. And I'm finally sick of it. The PS3 is dead to me. I don't know whether I'm actually going to support Microsoft's protection racket, but I'd rather watch Netflix on my Nexus S than put up with any more of the PS3's passive-aggressive nonsense.