A system software update is required

I turned the PS3 on this evening, for the first time in months. I wanted to try the Heavy Rain demo. My PS3 didn't want to play with me:

A system software update is required.

Go to [Settings] > [System Update] and perform the update.

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Every other system I use tries to sugar-coat the bitter pill when it has an update for me. Whenever they have to come to me with news of an update, they directly offer to perform the update for me. The PS3 once again shows the care and attention that's gone into polishing its interface to a perfect shine of "fuck you".

If the PS3's ridiculously over-endowed multi-dimensional menu weren't bad enough, the bastard won't even traverse it for me, though it trivially could. (Ignoring the relative cost of translator time versus software engineer time, how much longer do you think it took to write and localize that insulting "dialog" than it would have taken to just do the right bloody thing?)

I won't tell you how many clicks the actual update took, nor the number of lines in the EULA I was made to scroll through yet again, nor that the default option was "shut down system after update"; you wouldn't believe me. Unless you own a PS3, in which case you already know of its curious lurking hostility.

And it's still not setting the fucking time off the fucking internet, so it's a fucking hour off now. How are these clowns still in business?

The only enjoyable part of the whole interaction was the almost koan-like nature of its initial pronouncement, before it even knew it was going to get the chance to mess with me: "An Ethernet cable is not connected".

A video game console is not played.

A 360 is returned to.