Mac OS 10.6

I'm pleased to see Mac OS 10.6 is coming in September 2009, and I'm pleased it's going to be $29 instead of $129, because most Mac users I know stuck with 10.4 which was "good enough" and which they'd already paid for.

I'm slightly surprised by the "Mac computer with an Intel processor" requirement. At least I won't have to feel quite as bad about dropping PowerPC support myself.

I'm disappointed at the lack of detail about Java. "Complete Java JDK, including javac, javadoc, ANT, and Maven tools" doesn't tell me whether Java 6 will finally be the default, which is what I'm hoping for. PowerPC support doesn't cost me much (except the ability to build on 10.4 or 10.5 with the same make rules, which isn't a big problem as long as all the Mac OS-using developers are still on 10.4).

But being tied to Java 5 is increasingly annoying (and limiting). Reflection and other hacks only get you so far, and -source 1.5 doesn't protect you against accidentally using API that wasn't in Java 5 — String.isEmpty having caught me out just yesterday.