Apple Keyboard

I've complained about the numeric keypad for well over a decade now, and it's been a particularly frustrating decade. When I have a software problem, I can either decide I don't really care all that much, or get pissed off enough to actually fix it myself. With hardware problems, I just have to take it.

Most recently, just last year, I complained that Apple's current metal keyboards only offered two choices: wireless without numeric keypad, or wired with. Hater of batteries and numeric keypads that I am, I wanted wired without.

Today, Apple quietly added that missing keyboard to their lineup.

Even more interestingly, they changed the name of the old wired keyboard to "Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad". The old wireless keyboard with no numeric keypad remains the "Apple Wireless Keyboard". The new wired keyboard with no numeric keypad is the "Apple Keyboard".

This is it, friends. This is the beginning of the end of the accountants' reign of numeric keypad tyranny!

Actually, the beginning was probably the generation for whom computers were mostly laptops, and desktops were either their parents' computers, or the boring computers work makes them use.

But what's important is that "with numeric keypad" is now an exception worth pointing out in your product description. At least for Apple. But even Dell eventually gives up on parallel ports and floppy drives and VGA and whatever. (I mention Dell only because the last computer I saw with a floppy drive happened to be a Dell. Really I mean "all the computer companies that just drift on the tide". At least Dell never made a transparent computer; I'll give them credit for ignoring that bizarre fashion.)

Some of you will remember that what I actually wanted was the full keyboard without the numeric keypad. That is, I wanted to keep the "editing pad" (or whatever you call the bit between the main part of the keyboard and the vestigial numeric keypad). Maybe I'll learn to live with cramped-up arrow keys and no separate page or home/end keys. I lived similarly before, when I had a Happy Hacking keyboard that didn't have arrow keys at all, so the question is really whether I'll learn to be happy living like this.

Whatever, my mouse will relish the extra desk space, and I'll not have to bother with batteries or Bluetooth.

I'll take three, please, Steve.