Why you should use jessies.org SCM tools

If you've read about SCM, but weren't convinced by our description of how great the tools are, maybe you should take a look at some alternatives. They'll have you running back here begging for mercy, unless you're one of those masochists. You're not a masochist, are you?

Here's the pain you'd feel if you try doing commits via your editor's find/replace functionality: SubEthaEdit and Subversion part II.

And here's how bad it gets with bash(1) aliases: Useful Subversion shell aliases.

Both of those Heath Robinson/Rube Goldberg solutions reminded me of jwz's comment on using regular expressions to solve a problem: "now you have two problems".

What's most remarkable is that both of these are from Mac OS users.

Anyway, if you've got this far and aren't already using SCM, check it out. It also works if you use BitKeeper or CVS, and Bazaar support went in a couple of days ago. And it's GPL. All you need is Java 5 or later.