Microsoft's snappily-named "Wheel Mouse Optical USB" ousts my "Mighty Mouse"

My girlfriend hates Apple's Mighty Mouse. While I merely disliked it enough to relegate it to the desktop I use less, she – perhaps because most days she spends more time on that machine than I do – regularly complained that it kept popping up a menu when she was just trying to click on a link.

Apple's idea sounded pretty silly to most geeks. Making a mouse that looks as if it has one button, but actually kind of has two, but where the buttons only work if you hold the mouse exactly right? At least geeks experience mild curiousity about how it works. Now imagine how Apple's idea sounded to a normal human. A mouse that looks like one thing, tries to be another, and doesn't really work?

"That's retarded".

Indeed. So the other day we finally went to Fry's and got a couple of Microsoft's cheapo black USB optical mice. Two because I'm anal enough to want identical mice.

The interesting thing is that one of the two supposedly identical mice feels much better than the other, and the one that feels better has a large enough gap between the top and bottom halves that light shines through. I guess that's the kind of build quality you get in a $15 mouse. The behavior if you have a habit, as I do, of resting the mouse with its left edge in the air is poor; lift it far enough and the pointer jumps to the right. And although the front light dims if you lift it away from a surface, the seemingly pointless rear light is on all the time, and very bright. I'm sure the whole black-with-red-glow thing looks cool in Bill's evil undersea headquarters, but I'm not sure what I think of it in my home.

Despite all this, we both much prefer these mice to Apple's ill-concieved Mighty Mouse. Which tells you all you need to know about the Mighty Mouse.