Final verdict on Apple's "Mighty" Mouse

I mentioned it already, but I get the impression I haven't mentioned it forcefully enough: Apple's new mouse sucks. In a bad way.

The scroll nipple would be great, on a better mouse. And Apple's new mouse looks better than most, if you can ignore the blatant mistake that is being a multi-button mouse that looks like a single-button mouse. But in use, it's rubbish. You can call me stupid for not being able to learn to lift the left side of my hand sufficiently to use the right-hand button without the mouse interpreting it wrongly, but you'd be wrong. A mouse that requires me to make allowances for its physical and mental defects is just wrong.

When he's finished with "clever" doors and faucets, maybe Donald Norman can write a book about "clever" mice.

The "Mighty" Mouse is a triumph not even equal to the recent Down's syndrome recreated in mice story. I even wonder if there's a connection. It's certainly spooky that two groups of people would go to such lengths to deliberately create deficient mice.

At least Apple's mouse doesn't raise many ethical questions.