You're too... Orange!

I remember one spring in the late 90s being distressed to see the populace start to swathe themselves in safety orange. A color previously reserved for those doing dangerous work, and rightly so. As is the nature of fashion, it was gone by winter. But there was still too much orange in the meantime.

Fashionista that I am, I wore the same clothes as I'd worn the year before, and continued to wear them until they wore right out.

And here it comes again. Orange, that is. First Apple with their WWDC 2005 t-shirts, then Sun with JavaOne 2005 (this link looks like it will be reused in 2006, but I couldn't find anything more permanent), and now there's JBox Embedded J2SE Platform.

Despite the offensively garish color scheme, I'd be interested in one of those if I weren't aware of the industry's tendency to mean "low performance" when they talk about "embedded" parts. Yeah, they'll guarantee availability for 5 or 10 years, but the part's an underachiever today, never mind 10 years into the future. Which is okay for a toaster, but worrying for a development machine. (Strictly, they talk about it as being for deployment, but who would deploy a bright orange box?)

Anyway, here are my fashion predictions for next year... Google image search tells me that tigers are orange, from which I deduce that Apple will be sporting yellow next year, since leopards would seem to be yellow (or white, but there are only a few thousand of those, and we could probably wipe them out in the meantime if we only put our minds to it).

Sun will probably be going for metallic red, because that's the color of mustangs, except when they're metallic blue. (No links to car sites; I'm too much of a human-power/public-transport pinko for that kind of thing.)