Fixing the annoyingly small Mac OS popup dictionary window

I've always been a strong proponent of doing everything in code. If you do it well, and you own the code, I still think it's the best way. But when, as with Mac OS, you're just presented with a bunch of binaries and no source, it's great to be able to use Interface Builder to fix things.

Sick of having to scroll through a definition in the unusably small pop-up dictionary window? Make it larger in the nib, log out and back in, and it's fixed. (Though it seems to have pushed the part-of-speech information into the main text, but that's a price I'm more than willing to pay to not have to find the mouse, find the miniature scroll bar, and scroll.)

I can't think how to fix the stupid behavior that favors the word under the mouse over the word at the insertion point, though... I think that would need access to the source. Or more binary patching than I'm really in the mood for.

Why do Dictionary.app's preferences allow you to choose between "Open Dictionary application" and "Open Dictionary panel" for the contextual menu, but not for the control-command-D keystroke?

Why can't I choose a less ugly font than Baskerville? Editing DefaultStyle.css is awkward (it's even conveniently encoded in UTF-16, for no obvious reason). The answer, you'll find, is that they went way overboard with the number of different fonts. Stripping them all out (I left HiraMinPro-W3) and using LucidaGrande for html|body works nicely though. You can make the text a lot smaller and still read it. Serifs are so 1700's, when no-one expected to read much text very fast, and the only displays were really high resolution.