Urbano - Love Me Tonight

You know how embarrassing it is to see yourself on video, or hear your voice, or even read something you wrote, if it was long enough ago. The way it's both recognizable and alien at the same time, and for some reason worse than you imagined?

One reason I prefer only offering nightly builds and web pages rather than "releases" and paper documents is that you can keep revising indefinitely. Hopefully in a pleasing direction. Publishing pushes you in the direction of foolish consistency. I was never impressed by Emerson, but "be prepared to admit you were wrong" sounds like good advice.

I find it interesting that wikipedia's Ralph Waldo Emerson article gives more context than you usually get, but they only quote from after the "foolish consistency" sentence. To me, the paragraphs before and after seem to say very different things. Those before are eminently reasonable warnings against sticking to ideas that are wrong. Those after are typical of what I disliked about him, and really go overboard against consistency, almost as if any consistency – rather than just foolish consistency – were a mistake.

I think "Self Reliance" could have done with a few bug reports and a new nightly. Or a better author.

But that wasn't what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about a eurodance track, "Love Me Tonight", by Urbano. I rather like the track, but I always feel sorry for the female vocalist, and hope she never learns enough English to understand that (a) the words make next to no sense, and (b) how idiosyncratic her pronunciation is. I'm used to eurodance and vocal trance lyrics making no sense, so it was a while before I realized that slight changes to pronunciation help a lot:

aks [ask] me questions
a hand that sows [shows] a way
stars in the sky gonna sine [shine] any more
take me off the hates [heights]

Poor thing. You'd think she'd have known someone who could have helped her. But then, anywhere I've ever been there's always been at least one native English speaker.