GTA Shaftesbury Avenue

There have been ads on TV for Getaway: Black Monday for weeks now. Every time I see one, I wonder if the silicon valley audience has any trouble with the language. Or the accent, which is somewhere between "The Bill" and "EastEnders". One ad goes something like "shooters ... motors ... blaggers ... coppers ... and a little bit of how's your father".

The Wired review confirms my suspicions: "the dialog, though well-acted, is sometimes utterly incomprehensible due to its heavy use of thick London slang".

I also wonder what the image of someone shooting up a tube station will do for tourism, but Wired's review doesn't mention whether it makes London seem more or less attractive. (To me, 28 Days Later was as attractive as London ever looked. London would be great if it weren't for all the crowds.)

I couldn't help but laugh at "London's signature brightly colored police wagons". Police wagons? Sounds like something from Judge Dredd! And from my position as an Englishman in Santa Clara, it's odd to imagine that our police cars could ever stand out the same way as the CHiPs motorbikes and big, bouncy, screechy-tired black and whites they have round here.

I'd love to play Getaway, though. At least in free-roaming mode. Wired's screenshots look convincingly London-esque, but I want to know whether I can drive past my sister's house or the new Apple store, or ride down the steps from the Albert Hall and visit that restaurant next to the Goethe Institut.

They should put it on the web. It would be way cooler than multimap to see a drive-through of your journey. Or a neat screensaver, with a car driving much too fast through night-time traffic.

Where's the Mac version?