At MWSF2005, Steve Jobs said that 'most everyone uses Exposé. Drunken Batman begs to differ.

Me? I agree with the guy wearing the utility belt.

Even when I know Exposé is a better solution to my problem, such as when I want to switch Safari window, I'll either cycle through the windows with C-` and C-~ or, if there are too many for that to be practical – and that's exactly when Exposé would be most appropriate – I'll use the "Window" menu.

Sometimes I spend long enough reading through the different window titles that I'll actually think "hang on; if I hit F10, I could just click on the right picture". But most of the time, it's only as I'm going back to what I was doing that I think "that would have been a job for Exposé".

I don't know how you get to the point where you reach for Exposé first, but I wish I did. I could try removing the "Window" menu from Safari's MainMenu.nib, but I don't like the way Interface Builder says "8 inconsistencies were found" when I open the nib. It seems to work okay on Calculator (where Interface Builder finds 3 inconsistencies). I find it kind of odd, personally, that you can do this. I don't understand why Cocoa doesn't add stuff like the "Window" menu for you, as it does the "Special Characters..." option on the "Edit" menu.

Anyway, as it is, the only part of Exposé's functionality that I automatically reach for is hitting F11 to slide all windows out of the way so I can see the desktop.

Maybe that's all Steve meant.

[Update: Ed Porter and Morgan Schweers both suggest using Active Screen Corners as a more convenient alternative to the function keys, especially on iBook/PowerBook keyboards. Ed claims not to use C-tab, which suggests he tends to have fewer applications open than I do. Anyway, time to set up some Active Screen Corners and see how that goes...]