Would you like to reboot now?

There's never a good time to reboot. Why do so few of my programs try to remember their state? The web browser is perhaps the most frustrating because there's no obvious reason why this couldn't be implemented.

I excuse myself as co-author of the best Unix terminal emulator for its failure to remember any state. It simply isn't possible in general. I can't even think of specific cases where it would be possible.

My editor does a decent job of remembering what files I'm editing, and where the caret is, though it doesn't remember scroll positions. I should fix that.

iTunes doesn't remember what I'm listening to. Preview doesn't remember what I'm looking at. Adium doesn't remember what conversations I'm having.

I've been waiting over a decade for this and expect that when it finally does come, it'll come to everything overnight. I remember my excitement at Mac OS' perfect (and fast) sleep/wake. Though putting a Unix machine to sleep isn't necessarily a good idea when its cron(1) doesn't know enough to try to catch up with jobs it missed.

In the meantime, Mac OS X Update 10.3.7 can continue to wait.