Steaming Hardcore '92

Not only does 1992's "steaming hardcore" sound about as hard as Celine Dion, stuff like Saint's "Show me Heaven" (http://www.discogs.com/release/147663) is what I think I was listening to in the early 1990s, and yet it's all of a year old.

Mmm... Google suggests that maybe I was listening to it then, because that's when the original was released.

But no, it can't have been that version, judging by Google's claim that it was in Days of Thunder.

How confusing.

Why do i remember everything as having been faster and more exciting than it really was? Like the speeder chase in "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi", which I remember as being awesome, but which totally sucks if you watch it today. I was struck by the similar scene in The Incredibles, which manages to be as fast and exciting as I remember the "original".

I remember back when I was young enough for Star Wars to appeal to me thinking how one day we'll have computers good enough that I'll be able to play a speeder chase game at home that's as good as what I'd seen in the cinema. And now Pixar come along (with an insane render farm) and show me that, no, I can have something far better. Who'd aim lower?

If you stick around to watch the closing the credits, you can see part of the chase in -g instead of -O2 form. Wireframe 1980s goodness. But it still looks pretty cool, and it's nice as a geek to get a glimpse of what it's like to work on that stuff.

I think "The Incredibles" may be what computer animation was born to do. I've never seen a more convincing superhero movie. Unconstrained by physical reality, these superheroes really were super. Yet never incredible.

At the same time, there was some impressive acting. I thought the scene with Elastigirl and her kids on the plane was amazing. Her fear and concern was more affecting than most live action. Nothing's had me so eager to get in and help since the scene in Lilja 4-ever where the little boy Volodya decides to kill himself.

I realize now, thanks to imdb, why Irena Neski in The Bourne Supremacy looked so familiar. That was another movie I was reminded of, because it contains the car chase to beat all car chases. Which was a set-piece "The Incredibles" did surprisingly badly.

But there's no shame in losing to "The Bourne Supremacy". It's the best movie of its genre I've ever seen. And the car chase in particular is something that's stuck with me. The way you see the other guy's car coming from the side at the same time Jason does? Brilliant. The fight with the rolled-up magazine? The way he hurts his leg and limps for the rest of the movie? The tower block where Lilja/Oksana/Irena lives; the way it's bleak and desperate, and beautiful at the same time?

I should make an effort to see more of Paul Greengrass' work.