My kernel lies over the ocean

On Mac OS, your core dumps end up in /cores/ rather than process' current directory. So instead of the traditional "gdb ./a.out ./core", I have to ls -l /cores/ or use tab completion to find out what the newest core is (if process 123 dumps core, it's written to /cores/core.123; I've no idea what happens when you get duplicates).

Anyway, I've been wondering why the times were all given as if my time zone was UTC; does the kernel not know what time zone it's in? Then I realized it isn't UTC. It's UTC+01:00. Oh, so maybe I just haven't rebooted since moving to US/Pacific?

Turns out it's a lot simpler than that. I wasn't working locally: I was sshed in to a machine in GB. So that explains why I've been using vi all day... I was beginning to wonder if I was losing my sanity.

Ph34r the network transparency!

(Ignore the vi bit.)