GarageBand but no Xcode?

So I lug all 28kg of new computer up the stairs; the first time I've been out of breath at the top of three flights of stairs! I unpack my first 64-bit computer. I set up my first water-cooled computer. I watch as it boots slower than my dual G4, and make a mental note to look into that later.

I "humph" as I drag Terminal to the dock, but think "fair enough; anyone who needs it knows where to find it".

And I stare in amazement when I find that cvs isn't installed.

Or make. Or g++. Or Xcode. Or X11.

Which is really lucky for me, because I only have 144GiB free. I'm not sure I could spare the room. Not a whole 1GiB.

hydrogen:~$ du -sh /Developer/
654M /Developer/
hydrogen:~$ du -sh Music/GarageBand\ Demo\ Songs/
359M Music/GarageBand Demo Songs/
hydrogen:~$ du -sh /Library/Application\ Support/GarageBand/
1.8G /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/

(Debian exhibits this kind of anachronistic parsimony with apt-get, too. Asking me if I really want to install a whole 2MiB of something I just asked it to install when I've got 100GiB free. Hey, computer: what did I just tell you to do?)

I've got javac, which is touching, but that's not enough.

There isn't even a Developer Tools CD, like you get with a copy of Mac OS off the shelf. So now I'm downloading XcodeTools1.5__CD.dmg and seething slightly. I expected my first night to be unproductive, but I expected to spend it with configuration nonsense rather than waiting for stuff to download.

But at least I have GarageBand, eh?

Keynote I might have used once or twice, but GarageBand? Are 15 year old kids really buying dual 2.5GHz G5 machines? (Even at 15 I'd have been hard pressed to think of a use for GarageBand.)

It's quiet, though. They've got that whole noise thing sorted. Until it gets busy. Then it sounds like the air-conditioning. And then it goes silent again while still working equally hard. That might taking some getting used to. It reminds me of the refrigerator, whose noise seems tied to some secret rhythm of its own. And which, on hearing mention of its name, has just come to life.

And the keyboard's better than the dual G4's. The clear plastic cover that dust and hair and cookie would set up home under: gone. Which looks pretty cool, and is definitely going to be easier to keep respectable-looking. (I wish I could have one without a numeric keypad. In all my many years of using computers, I've never found a use for the numeric keypad, unless you count obstructing the mouse or stealing space for my iPod's dock.)

Anyway, I have my tools now. Though I'm still missing X11, I can probably continue to live without it. If I really wanted X11, I'd be using Linux on amd64, wouldn't I?

At least we have a new world record amongst the computers I can log in to:

hydrogen:~/OpenSource/jikes elliotth$ time make -j2

real 1m19.911s
user 2m4.250s
sys 0m24.360s
hydrogen:~/OpenSource/jikes elliotth$

It's not quite twice as fast as my dual G4, but it's getting there.

Now all I need to do is remember all the things I've promised to do "when I get my new computer". And then do them.