A mixed start for my iPod. It looks great, though the metal half of the case isn't obviously a good idea; the plastic half is much easier to keep in pristine condition. I like the way the backlight comes on instantly but fades out. And the white backlight (with no buzzing) is far classier than the BlackBerry's buzzy green backlight. The font's nice and you soon get used to the interface.

The first trick was working out that I was supposed to rub my finger around the gray circle rather than press the back/forward buttons.

The second was working out the volume control. I failed to find it amongst the menu items when I was looking for it, but my finger accidentally found it as I handed the iPod to my mum for a listen. This resulted in some head-scratching as I tried to turn the volume back up to an audible level!

iTunes just did the right thing, both the first time I connected my iPod and also the second time, after I'd removed/edited a few songs. I wish it was clearer to me how/if I'll be able to work with my current situation of two Macs with two different iTunes music libraries: one for classical music and the other for dance/trance/pop.

The bad part is that it's only a day old and it's crashed once already. It hung with the drive spinning. I couldn't get it to respond to me, so I followed the instructions in the manual to reboot it. Instructions which seemed a bit awkward — do I really have to be near a wall socket with the power adapter to hand? But then, I shouldn't ever have to do this again. Right?

Drilling down to the track you want to play really works well, at least when the metadata is good. I'm going to have to do some work on my classical library.

My first impression though, assuming that it isn't going to hang on a regular basis, is that everyone who has any kind of music collection should have an iPod. This is the portable implementation music collections have been waiting for. Just as iTunes (with its search as-you-type) is the implementation that sessile music collections have been waiting for.