Evolution search

I've been meaning to say something nice about Evolution for a while. I keep talking about the bad bits, and I never mention the good bits. One thing I wanted to mention was the check-as-you-type spelling checking, which is okay; nothing special, but MS Outlook doesn't do this for me (though I'm told newer versions do).

I also wanted to mention the search, which I was going to describe as good. It's certainly nice and fast. And it'll let you search the entire message, even if that isn't the default, despite the fact that searching the entire message is perfectly fast enough; people who don't remember old Unix mailers' grep-like speed and have only known MS Outlook have no idea how fast a decent mailbox search is.

But it won't let me do what Apple's Mail does by default: search entire messages in all mailboxes. In fact, it won't let me do any kind of search across all mailboxes. I'm not sure why I should care which mailbox a message is in (and why I couldn't just ask to restrict my search on the rare occasion when I might care), but Evolution insists.

This wasted my time this morning when it did find plausible mails in "Trash" that didn't contain the one I was led to believe I should have received. It was still in my "Inbox". A much smaller mailbox than the one that took no noticeable time to search.

Have some people learned nothing about why Google is so great?