WiFi location transparency

I may have had to bring the infrastructure here in my rucksack, but it's cool to wake up with the same computing environment I'm used to at home. I can read and reply to mail without using the heinous BlackBerry, I can read RSS feeds and web pages, I can listen to the Digitally Imported streaming vocal trance station...

I could even write some code and check it in if I cared to.

One day, son, decent wireless connections will be everywhere. It won't seem like a novelty, and I'll expect it every bit as much as I expect to find water, power and air. One day, it won't just be the places we go, it be the bits in between, too. Like the BlackBerry, only good. Maybe I should see about getting a GPRS card for my PowerBook?

But then I'd have no excuse to stay indoors on sunny days.