Hello, World!

I give in. If blogging has reached the point that it's mentioned in a Stevenote and seen as important enough to warrant support in the next version of Safari – a mainstream browser for real people – I guess I may as well give in and have a go myself. I wasn't impressed when it was mentioned in the technology section of the UK "Independent" newspaper, because I know my parents would just skip over it. But maybe a little blue "RSS" icon will have them asking "what's RSS?"

Or maybe not. Maybe I just wanted an excuse to vanity publish. Or maybe Jobs is just such a great salesman that I wanted some of what he had to show, even if Tiger's not available until next year.

Hopefully this blog will give me an outlet for things that don't make sense as mail (expose people to whatever's in your head, and they're likely to think you're speeding) and don't seem worth the hassle of writing an article for a journal or website.