Evolution Alarm!

Every time Evolution pops up an alarm (stealing the input focus from what I was doing, just like a Windows program) I laugh. "Evolution Alarm," it shouts, in type large enough to be read across the room. Beneath that, much smaller, it deigns to show me my description of the reminder-worthy event.

I'm tempted to create an event with a description along the lines of "Ximian Evolution has been found on this computer. Would you like to remove it?"

"Evolution Alarm my ass", as Ripley would have said. It's my reminder for my event, and those were my key presses you just threw away.

The "snooze" functionality is good too. You give it the number of minutes you want to snooze for. Cunningly placed about as far from the actual snooze button as possible without going outside the dialog. But when's that measured from? When the dialog appeared, or when I hit the snooze button? And why would I want to measure forwards from either of those times, unless the event was in the past ("yeah, hang on, I'll be there in a second; just need to check this code in")? As long as the event's in the future, I'm more likely to want to say "yeah, tell me again 5 minutes before it starts".

I couldn't find a screenshot of the Evolution Alarm for you to laugh at, but I did find this sneak preview of Evolution 2.0; a screenshot entitled Quickly Accept Meeting Invitations, something I've complained about in the past. Strangely, it seems every bit as broken as at present. Note how they've had to scroll down past the header so you can even see – let alone interact with – the control that would let you accept a meeting invitation (quickly or not). Maybe version 2.0 scrolls past the header automatically?

If they keep this up, I'll be so impressed I'll be laughing my way back to MS Outlook.